operation rules

General regulations 
  • These transport terms and conditions apply to transport of passengers by facilities on the premises of Ski resort Hranice. 
  • Visitors of ski lifts and pistes are obliged to follow these terms and conditions, valid regulations and instructions of the provider of ski lifts and pistes of Ski resort Hranice.
  • The carrier  is not responsible for visitor´s property and health damages if caused by behavior against these terms, regulations and instructions of carrier or authorised persons. 
  • Following the terms and regulations of Ski resort Hranice may be controled by the provider, authorised persons or members of Mountain Rescue Service.
Operating the lifts
  • Operating the lift is fully dependent on snow and weather conditions.
  • Regular lift working hours for public during winter - daily 9.00 - 16.00 (16.30).
  • The carrier claims the right to change the working hours.  
  • Visitors are engaged to respect the terms given by operation terms and regulations in the entire resort premises when buying a valid ticket 
  • Visitors are specially obliged to:  a) carry a valid ticket and show it to an authorised person when asked to, b) pass through a ticket machine before boarding the lift, c) follow the instructions of an authorised person 
  • A ticket is understood as a single ride ticket, time ticket or a ticket that entitles the visitor to several single rides in a limited amount of time of validity. 
  • The provider refunds the fare or part of it only in case of power failure in the area longer than 2 hours. 
  • An authorised person is entitled to take away the ticket with no refunds of its face value when purpously damaged, changed or manipulated, or in case of operation regulations and rules violation. The tickets are non-transferable.
  • Single-seat lift bars (POMA) are to be used by one visitor at a time only. Children under 6 years of age unable to ride POMA are to use a T-bar lift with adult assistance only. 
  • Visitors must vacate the lift track immediately in case of downfall.
  • Visitors shall be excluded of the transport by an authorised person when  uder the influence of alcohol or any addictive substance, endanger or limit other visitors of the resort. 
Operating the pistes 
  • The slopes are open within the operating hours only. 
  • Maintenance of downhill tracks is mostly performed after the end of operations of the
  • transportation facilities, the downhill tracks are closed for maintenance purposes after
  • 4.15 pm. Using the track after closing hours is strictly prohibited for the high risk of injury. Depending on snow and weather conditions, maintenance can be performed also within operating hours, however, the track shall be marked by a warning sign. 
  • Artificial snowing may be performed during the operating hours, however, the snow blowers shall be marked  in sufficient distance and/or enclosed with a fence or a net. When the snow blowers are in operation, it is necessary to adjust the skiing speed to allow safe passage and not to endanger other skiers.
  • Skiers and snowboarders use the pistes at their own risk. 
  • Behaviour of skiers and snowboarders is described in 10  FIS Rules of conduct.
  • It is prohibited to build obstacles or any other snow formations on the slopes without the provider´s permission. 
  • Attention! Riding outside the downhill track is strictly prohibited!
  • The provider claims the right to allow holding ski/snowboard trainings and competitions on a marked part of slope upon previous arrangement. The event organiser is required to provide safe traffic on the piste. 
  • During skiing lessons an authorised person or a pedagogical supervisor is responsible for the lesson organisation, safety and health of students and other visitors, which shall not be jeopardised.  
  • Each visitor is obliged to follow  these terms and instructions of persons authorised by the provider or members of Mountain Rescue Service. 
  • When breaking these terms, regulations and instructions of an authorised person, a visitor may be excluded from the lift transportation and using the slopes, and is fully responsible for any potential damage or harm caused to provider or a third party.   
Operating the snowpark and boardercross track 
  • Riding and movement within the snowpark and boardercross track is fully at the visitors´own risk. 
  • Snowpark is to be used for snowboarding and freestyle skiing only. Any other activities are strictly prohibited.  
  • Boarderscross track is to be used by snowboarders/skiers with appropriate skills.
  • Moving the obstacles or any other manipulation is strictly prohibited and may be perfomed by an authorised manager only.
  • Riders must not overestimate their options and abilities, are obliged to protect their own safety and must wear protective pads and helmets. 
  • The snowpark provider does not carry any responsibility for damages and injuries caused in the park and boardercross track. 
  • Visitors are obliged to keep the park and surroundings clean. Their behaviour must not endanger the safety of any other visitors. 
  • Riding in snowpark and boardercross track is stricly prohibited during snow grooming machine operations. 
  • Each visitor is obliged to respect regulations and instructions of snowpark and boardercross track manager. 
  • The authorised person is entitled to exclude the visitor from the snowpark and boardercross track premises when breaking these terms and regulations.  
Validity of operating terms and regulations:
These terms and regulations are valid from December 1, 2014

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